A treasure of a pub well worth discovering - photo courtesy of Gareth Butterfield

The Barley Mow Inn deserves a place alongside such famous locals as The Dolphin in Derby, The Yew Tree Inn at Cauldon Low and Coopers Tavern, Burton on Trent.
Nestled in the quiet Derbyshire village of Kirk Ireton, only 15 minutes from Ashbourne, this unspoilt and Grade II listed 17th Century Inn is worth searching for. It's rare to find a traditional pub these days, where polite chat between people who minutes before were complete strangers replaces quiz and gambling machines and where the familiar pub music is replaced by the sound of a crackling fire and wooden furniture on stone floors.

As you approach the bar you may notice something is missing... no pumps, no two foot high ice encrusted, almost phallic, monoliths advertising the latest trendy premium lagers. No this is a true experience, real cider from the back bar, real ale straight from the cellar and real honest welcoming hospitality. When we visited to present the certificate the ales were on top form, crystal clear and full of flavour from local breweries including Whim ales and Peak Ales. The pub was judged winner based on the quality of the ales and ciders, the hospitality, atmosphere and ambience.

For those who want to savour this gem there are several rooms attached to the pub and the area offers some fantastic hikes down to Carsington or across to Wirksworth!

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